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Home to astronauts and oilmen, Clear Lake is the ultimate destination for home comfort. A quiet and safe community for families, Clear Lake celebrates Texas tradition while also embracing the latest and greatest in technology and science. While homes in this area range in age, most are ready for some serious plumbing renovations. Whether your home is working off an older copper piping system from the ‘70s or a newer ‘90s PVC option, John Moore has answers for all your home plumbing needs. With a long history in Clear Lake and a commitment to your family’s happiness, John Moore offers the best plumbing solutions for Clear Lake residents.

John Moore’s Plumbing Services Include:

  • Plumbing repair & inspections
  • Tankless and standard water heater repair & installation
  • Whole-house re-piping services
  • Rooter & drain clean services
  • Sewer stoppage & replacement
  • Water softeners & filtration
  • Slab leak detection & repair
  • Sinks
  • tubs
  • faucets
  • garbage disposals

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pex pipe

Repipe Your Home’s PVC, Copper or Rusty Galvanized Pipes with 21st Century PEX Pipe

Homeowners in Clear Lake take pride in their houses, but watermarks and flooding from a leaky pipe can lead to some fairly costly damage to your home. Do you notice water leaks in your home? Are you dissatisfied with the your home’s low water pressure? Are you ready to upgrade to something more reliable? John Moore offers whole-home repiping with PEX, the best in 21st century piping technology. Whereas even PVC wears down and eventually bursts because of its rigidity, PEX is flexible and works with your home’s layout to provide a reliable water supply that never lets you down.

PEX piping is built to withstand extremes of temperature and environment and will not wear down as quickly as PVC, copper, or galvanized piping. If you are ready for a whole-home plumbing option that will last you a lifetime, PEX is the solution for you.

Ready to make the PEX upgrade? Contact us today.

Sewer Cleanouts, Main Line Stoppages & Sewer Repairs: Common Services in Clear Lake, Texas

Whether your home was constructed in the early 1970s or is a newer build, your property’s main line provides an essential service for the household— transporting waste and greywater away from the home. Unfortunately, because this line is more reliant on gravity than water pressure, the occasional blockage or break can create problems for your family. Have you noticed foul smelling water backing up out of your shower or tub drain when you flush your toilet? Does your toilet gurgle when someone else in your home takes a shower? If so, you may be experiencing a main line stoppage.

Fortunately, John Moore offers solutions for old and new homes alike. Whether your home is experiencing a dip in its main line slope that must be reconstructed or channel rot from an older cast iron drain line, we can identify the cause of the blockage and replace broken sections of your main line. We can even repair breaks caused by errant tree roots, preserving both your main line and trees.

Ready to take your home back from sewage smells and poor drainage? Call John Moore at 713-730-2525.


Hard Water & Your Clear Lake Home: John Moore Water Quality Solutions

Although Clear Lake’s water supply is noticeably better than Houston proper’s, Clear Lake residents must still contend with hard water. Are you frustrated with laundry that never quite comes out clean? Tired of limescale buildup on your plumbing fixtures? John Moore offers water softening solutions that work directly with your hot water heater to break up calcium and sedimentary deposits, creating better water for all your cooking, cleaning, and bathing needs. We can also set your home up with a whole-home filtration system that will improve the taste and quality of water directly from the tap to help keep your family hydrated throughout the year.

Ready for better tasting, softer water in your home? Contact John Moore at 713-730-2525.

$99 Traditional Water Heater Flush

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Tankless Water Heater System

Save $100 on a tankless water heater system.

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Traditional Water Heater

Save $40 on a water heater replacement.

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