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Expert Pest Control in Briar Forest

Resolve Rodent, Insect, and Wildlife Infestations in Briar Forest

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Removing and Exterminating Unwanted Pests in Briar Forest

Between Dairy Ashford and Gessner, vast trees shade Briar Forest and provide homes for neighborhood creatures like squirrel and mockingbirds. With Buffalo Bayou just to the north, residents of the Briar Forest community can occasionally spot herons and armadillos, raccoons and coral snakes, or other bayou fauna trekking through their territory.  

However, not all living creatures in the Briar Forest area are as appreciated as the bayou wildlife. Many animals and insects quickly take over homes and become intimidating pests that encroach on Briar Forest homes.

John Moore’s Pest Control Services Include:

Standard Pests: roaches - spiders - indoor ants - millipedes - centipedes - wasps - moths - flies, Termites, Mosquitos, Rodents and other wildlife (possums - raccoons - squirrels - bats and snakes), Bed bugs, Fleas and ticks, Bees, Fire ants

If you’re up against a pest emergency and need an extermination now, call the John Moore pest control specialists at 713-730-2525.

Call on the Expert Termite Exterminators in Briar Forest

Of all the pests that can infiltrate, termites take their path of destruction right into the woodwork of your home. Briar Forest homeowners are particularly at risk of termite infestations, given the moist climate of the region. Formosan, drywood, and subterranean termites are the top wood eating cuplits in the Briar Forest area. Where drywood termites live in wood and can take over you home’s rafters, support beams, and even your furniture, formosan and other subterranean termites live underground and send foragers up to ravage your home from below. If you have a termite infestation, it’s best to call out an exterminator sooner than later before these swarms of tiny insects eat your home from the inside out.

At John Moore, we offer free termite inspections. In the case we find termites, we will exterminate them with EPA-approved foam and liquid termiticides, and coat the wood of your home with EPA-approved termite treatment. Our John Moore pest exterminations are as thorough as you can get. But when it comes to termites, Briar Forest homeowners need a long-term plan to preserve the inner workings of their houses, as re-infestations are common among homes throughout the Gulf Coast.

To protect your home from termites for years to come, our pest control specialist offer an enduring solution through our Annual Termite Treatment plan. (As an alternative, we also offer termite monitoring and spot treatments.)

John Moore Protects Briar Forest with Our Mosquito Plus Treatment Plan

Buffalo Bayou flows right along the north side of the Briar Forest community. And like any body of water in the Houston area, the bayou is a breeding ground for the one of the most ubiquitous pests of all: mosquitos. Parasitic creeps that can carry deadly viruses like Zika and West-Nile, mosquitoes ambush their victims with tiny blood-sucking stings, leaving them with the most irritating itchy bumps imaginable.

To save your skin, John Moore offers a Bi-Monthly Mosquito Plus program, which is the best way to keep your Briar Forest yards and porches clear of mosquitoes. The Mosquito Plus program also takes care of standard pests, which is a life safer for homeowners also dealing with roaches, ants, or spiders. One-time mosquito treatments are also available if you need a quick, temporary solution.

Obviously, mosquitos are a problem throughout Houston. Therefore, you can rest assured that the exterminators at John Moore have the experience to knock out even the most severe mosquito infestations.

Exterminate that unbearable influx of mosquitoes in your backyard with a mosquito treatment from John Moore, and keep them at bay with a Bi-Monthly Mosquito Plus program.

To get set up, contact John Moore today at 713-730-2525

John Moore Pest Control Specialists Safely Remove Rodents and Wildlife in Briar Forest

Where wildlife creatures like raccoons and possums can ravage trash bins and tear things up in your yard, rodents like mice and rats can creep into your house and make things especially dreadful. At John Moore, we recognize the difference between wildlife and rodents, but understand that both can become pests to homeowners.

If you’re having trouble with wildlife in your home, the team at John Moore will use live traps to capture the pests, and safely release them in Terry Hershey Park or another natural area at least 10 miles from your home. Now, mice and rats are a different story.

To tackle mice and rats, John Moore exterminators set up glue traps and snap boards in inconspicuous places throughout your property. We make sure to place these traps so that they will that attract the rodents, but remain out of reach from your children and pets.

Our pest control specialists know how particularly invasive rodents can be, so we don’t simply exterminate the infestation and close the case. We take care to prevent future rodent invasions with an exclusion process, where we inspect your home to locate and seal up any holes and cracks that more mice or rats can creep in through. And to be sure they don’t return, we use a DSV (disinfectant) spray to neutralize any disease-carrying bacteria and eliminate scents associated with the mice that could potentially attract more rodents.

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