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Alvin is the ideal retreat for hunters, fishers, and those that love the country. A restful getaway from all of Houston, the homes in this down-to-earth town are quietly starting to age. Whether you moved into a home built prior to the 1980s or had your home built any time in the early 1990s forward, you may want to start thinking about regular maintenance for your home’s plumbing systems. Leaks, main line stoppages, and water quality can all be challenges for homeowners, and your home is no exception.

John Moore’s full range of services are here for you whenever you encounter trouble, and our experts are ready to provide professional recommendations and repairs that will get your plumbing system working like new again.

The birthplace of Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan, Alvin is the ultimate in country living. With some of the best hidden fishing spots on the Gulf Coast and plenty of land for hunting and farming, Alvin is a Texan’s paradise. Yet with many homes in the area aging fast, the demands of rough weather and the hot Texas sun take a toll on the very systems that keep our homes comfortable.

Are you having trouble with your A/C system? Call on John Moore, the A/C and HVAC experts for Alvin since 1994. Our licensed, expert technicians are ready to find a solution for your home today.

John Moore’s Plumbing Services Include:

Plumbing repair & inspections, Standard and tankless water heater repair & installation, Whole-house re-piping services, Rooter & drain clean services, Sewer stoppage & replacement, Water softeners & filtration, Slab leak detection & repair, Sinks, tubs, faucets, garbage disposals

Are you ready for better plumbing and the best service in the industry? Call John Moore today at 713-730-2525 or contact us online for help.

Potable Water Repiping in Alvin

Pipe leaks can be a hazard to your health, creating the perfect conditions for mold and mildew and threatening the structural integrity of your walls and home. If you have noticed watermarks along your ceilings or low water pressure from your faucets and showers, it’s time to call in the friendly plumbing experts at John Moore. We will diagnose your piping problem and recommend a set of repairs or replacements. But if your home’s piping system has started to rust through, the best long-term option is a whole-home repipe.

For repipes, John Moore plumbers work exclusively with PEX piping, the 21st century’s latest development in plumbing and materials science technology. PEX is perfect for any home and will last you a lifetime. Strong, flexible, lightweight, and expandable, this material will withstand any weather and will not break, rust, or corrode. With fewer connections than modern PVC piping, PEX is a great choice even for families that just want to remodel their plumbing system, as it is less prone to rusts and leaks than galvanized, PVC, or copper piping.

Water Quality Solutions in Alvin

Although Alvin is known for its fishing, the water you get from your tap is known to be sub-par. In Alvin’s 2016 Annual Water Quality Report found trace amounts of lead, barium, and other harmful contaminants in the water supply. Water filtration systems are the perfect answer for families who want secure, clean tap water, and John Moore can customize a whole-home filter plan for your family’s needs. A water filtration system is a smart investment for families that want to reduce the need for bottled water, combat water-born bacteria, and add a feeling of security in their home comfort.

John Moore also offers limescale treatment plans with FlowTech, the leading industry chemical for limescale removal. Likewise, we offer water softener systems to combat calcium and magnesium buildup in your pipes and hot water heater. These softeners will break up even the worst hard water and get your pipes flowing like new again.

Are you ready to improve your home’s water quality. Contact John Moore today or call 713-730-2525

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