Christmas Tree and Presents Next to a lit fire place with a stocking handing down from the fire place mantle.

Home Safety Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday

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Christmas Tree and Presents Next to a lit fire place with a stocking handing down from the fire place mantle.
July 14, 2024

Home Safety Tips for a Safe and Happy Holiday

Looking for a beautiful, hassle-free lighting display this holiday season? This comprehensive guide will help you conquer any lighting problem you may encounter.

Whether you’re prepping for a gathering, hanging lights, or traveling for the holidays, follow these six home safety tips.
  1. Be Careful Around the Fireplace and Space Heater

    Everyone’s first instinct during the holidays is to cozy up by the fire, especially when the temperature drops, but be careful. Fire can spread quickly throughout your home if you have gifts, tinsel, or other items nearby. Clear the space around your fireplace and space heater before people visit, and create an area for children and pets to play away from these heat-emitting devices.
  2. Setting Up Lights the Right Way

    It’s always fun to take a walk or drive down a street with homes decked out in Christmas lights. But if you’re setting up lights, avoid these three common mistakes:
    • Overloading or daisy-chaining surge protectors and extension cords
    • Using old or worn-out light strips with missing bulbs
    • Failing to test your lights before hanging them, one section at a time

    Make sure your lights and other decorations use energy-efficient LED bulbs to reduce costs and prevent overheating.

  3. Watch the Christmas Tree

    Many Christmas trees cause house fires during the holiday season. But you don’t have to say goodbye to the focal point of your indoor decorations.

    Instead, just make sure the tree you choose is safe.

    If you prefer a real tree, choose one with fresh-looking needles. When you get it home, saw off the bottom and put it into water immediately. Refresh its water source daily to keep it as fresh as possible.

    If you opt for a faux tree, look for a heat-resistant style. Keep the area around the tree away from sources of heat.

  4. Maintain Your Furnace

    If you haven’t been keeping up with furnace maintenance, now is the time to schedule an inspection. Although the Texas winters aren’t as extreme as other places, it’s still vital to ensure the heating system can keep up with the lower temperatures. Make sure to replace the filter regularly to keep warm air flowing throughout the changing seasons.
  5. Keep the Kitchen Clean

    The kitchen can be dangerous during the holidays, not just because of all the tasty treats you have within reach. Food waste and grease can increase the risk of a kitchen fire. Keep the surfaces clean and avoid placing anything on top of or too close to the stove.

    Overcrowding is another problem that can happen while cooking. Give yourself space, whether in a large kitchen or an apartment with some close friends. Try to keep hanging lights, gifts, and other combustible items in another room.

  6. Use Caution with Candles

    Candles are popular holiday gifts, and burning them can help your home smell great all season long. But on average, candles also cause approximately 20 house fires per day. If you burn a candle, remain within sight of it. When you leave or head to bed, extinguish it thoroughly.

    You should always use candles on a flat, smooth surface high enough to prevent kids or curious animals from getting too close. It’s also important to keep candles away from Christmas trees and other holiday decorations.

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