John Moore & Energy Ogre Partner to Save You Moore on Energy Costs

Exclusive Partnership Saves John Moore Customers Average of 40% on Energy Bills

Hot Summer temperatures can put a strain on your AC System and send your energy bill sky high. An energy-efficient unit from John Moore is a great first line of defense, but it’s always our mission to help provide you with the best experience and value. Which is why we’re proud to be the Exclusive Home Services partner of Energy Ogre in Houston.
Energy Ogre Partner
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The John Moore / Energy Ogre HVAC Energy Saving Plan, saves customers an average of 40% on their monthly energy bills, which typically works out to be over $1000 a year!

(There’s a lot of home improvement projects you could tackle with all that extra savings!)
Energy Savings Calculator

Energy pricing and choosing the right plan is confusing— so confusing that 90% of homeowners overpay for electricity in Houston! That’s why we’ve teamed up with Energy Ogre to give you a shortcut to savings.

Energy Ogre is a technology company that analyzes your bill and usage year-round to continually find the best plan and price for you. Simply fill out the quick online calculator above with your specific data to find out in advance just how much you will save on your energy bill.

But, as a HVAC Company, the John Moore team couldn’t help but take the savings one step further. We worked with Energy Ogre to create an HVAC Energy Management Platform to show how efficiently your home’s current AC system is operating and how its performance is affecting your electric bill.

As your home’s air conditioner ages, it starts to work less efficiently and requires more and more electricity to keep your home cool. With a few clicks, our HVAC Energy Management Platform will give you personalized data on your specific system to help you determine if you’ve reached the point where it’s more cost-effective to move forward with a new unit than continue fixing your old one. You may be surprised to discover that combining the efficiency of a new unit and a new electricity plan with a better rate, can offset the actual cost of a new unit for your home!

To sign up or learn more about the John Moore / Energy Ogre HVAC Energy Saving Plan, email, call or simply ask your John Moore technician.