Electrical Services

How will I know if it is time to replace a circuit breaker?

Circuit breakers needing replacement may appear loose, charred, or otherwise broken. If your breaker is not actually shutting electricity on and off when flipped, it may also be time to call in John Moore.

I am buying a new home. How can I be certain that the electrical system is safe and up to date?

Always have a new home inspected before making a purchase, regardless of the homes actual age. John Moore will inspect the sockets, major appliances, panel, and wiring to ensure the electrical system is safe.

I am experiencing outages in one section of my house. What could be causing this problem with my electrical system?

Very often, electrical problems in one section of the house may be related to panel or wire damage. John Moore will be able to assess the root cause and provide a plan for repair.

I have a toddler in my home. What can I do to protect my child from playing with electrical outlets or wires?

Apart from teaching children never to play with outlets and wires, we can make your home safer by plugging up unused sockets with socket safety covers. You should also add socket covers to any extension cords and regularly check electronics for frayed or exposed wiring. Keep wiring out of reach of children and discourage wire chewing.

I noticed smoke coming out of my home’s electrical panel. What should I do?

If you notice smoke or fire, you should contact emergency services and your electrical company first to have the fire extinguished and the electricity shut off before the problem spreads. After the initial emergency is dealt with, call John Moore for repairs. We will work to find the cause of the initial problem, discuss the history of existing difficulties with your electrical system, and suggest a repair plan.

I recently discovered that my home is using an older, recalled panel. What should I do?

You will likely need a full panel replacement. Call John Moore to inspect your current panel and recommend a newer model.