Drain Clog Prevention

8 Most Common Causes for Drain and Sewage Stoppages

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Drain Clog Prevention
June 20, 2024

8 Most Common Causes for Drain and Sewage Stoppages

No one wants to deal with a clogged drain or stopped-up sewage system. Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners have to handle these hassles on a daily basis. The John Moore Services team has helped Houston residents maintain and improve their homes for more than 50 years.

A Guide to Prevent Drain and Sewage Stoppages

Our plumbers know how to repair your pipes and keep them in excellent condition. We understand that damaged drains and obstructed ducts can interfere with your daily life, so we work efficiently and effectively to solve these problems. Of course, the more you know about these difficulties, the better you can spot and prevent them. In the following blog, we go over the top eight most common causes for drain and sewage stoppages.

1. Sagging Pipe “Bellies”

Functional pipelines should be relatively straight so that water and debris can flow easily through them. Your foundation and the soil surrounding your home can shift over time, warping your pipes. This can create “bellies,” which are bowed regions of the tubing where material can collect and cause clogging. This issue is particularly prevalent in sewage lines. We can help you mend your pipes to flatten these “bellies.”

2. Fibrous Foods

You shouldn’t overestimate the abilities of your garbage disposal. Putting tough, dense food scraps like potato skins, celery, eggshells, pasta, beans, or stringy vegetables down the drain can disrupt the blades and block the pipes. Try to go easy on your garbage disposal to keep it functioning properly and avoid a drainage disaster.

3. Outdated Plumbing Systems

Old concrete or galvanized steel pipes break down over the years, letting mud, leaves, and other external waste into your plumbing. Deteriorating pipes are also more likely to cause other issues like water leaks. We can help you determine if you need to re-pipe your home or update your systems.

4. Grease

You might assume that washing an oily pan in the sink is harmless, but grease is one of the top culprits for clogging. Fatty materials can stick in your pipes and prevent waste material from moving through them properly. Although you may not be able to completely eliminate grease from your plumbing, you can try to reduce the amount of oil and fat you put down the drain. As a preventive measure to keep your pipes running smoothly, we often suggest Plumber’s Formula 6, our liquid drain maintainer. This exclusive, cherry-scented product tackles grease and other blockage-prone substances.

5. Hair

Lathering your locks in the shower or brushing your hair over the sink could contribute to clogging. Hairs can tangle and form clumps that obstruct your pipes. To prevent this from happening, make sure you use a hair catcher in your shower drain and sweep hair from your sink.

6. Soap Scum

Over time, your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash can coat the edges of your pipes, gradually narrowing them until water and debris can no longer flow through them. In addition, soap scum can latch on to loose hairs and make them more likely to form clumps. To unclog a drain stopped up by soap scum, hair, and other debris, we recommend Plumber’s Formula 5, our custom-blended drain opening product.

7. Hygiene Products

Feminine items, floss, cotton pads, dental floss, and other hygiene products can seriously plug up your pipes. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging and only flush things that easily dissolve in water. If a hygiene product causes clogging, we can help remove it from your pipes to clear the way.

8. Tree Roots

Your main sewage piping most likely lies under your grass, routing through your yard. The tree and shrub roots in this area may gravitate toward your plumbing in search of water. If your pipes are in any way weakened, they may break through and begin to grow within them until they completely take over. The John Moore Services team can check our your pipes and help you preserve them.

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