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Built-in Window Bench Seats: Style & Functionality for your Home

Posted by John Moore

Jun 21, 2012 8:00:00 AM

Window Bench Seat (Flickr: Lara604)After spending all day at the office and stuck in your car on the drive home, the idea of spending some time in the sun is probably quite attractive. But in this Summer heat? Forget about it.

Homeowners in Texas love window bench seats for year-round comfort, function, and style. When it's cold, you can sit indoors where it's warm and sip that cup of hot cocoa. Come Summer, you can beat the heat while you read by natural sunlight in the comfort of your air conditioned home.

What can you do with a built-in window bench seats?

  • Install closed cabinets beneath the bench to store linens, family mementos, board games, and anything else you don't need on a regular basis but would like to keep safe.
  • Add bookshelves or cabinets to flank your windows.
  • Toss in some cushions, pillows, or other seat covers to make your new seating more comfortable.
  • Install open cabinets below the bench for baskets and other open, easy-to-access storage solutions.
  • Get creative: turn your new bench into a pet bed, a place to store sewing materials, or even a daybed.
  • Wire your new bench seat to accommodate chargers, lamp cords, or other electronic devices.
  • Install custom lighting above the window seat to make reading time more enjoyable.
  • Install retractable curtains or Roman shades to reduce the amount of sunlight in the room when it's time for a nap.
  • Is your window seat in your kitchen? Try setting up a picnic-style bench or table in front of it, and allow it to seat you while you dine.

Not interested in a custom build? Many home renovation retailers offer pre-made bench seats you can simply and affordably set up in front of your favorite window. Whatever you choose, your new window bench seat can provide years of comfort, value, and ambiance.

Windows looking kind of lackluster above your new window bench seat? Did you know that replacement windows can make your home quieter, safer, and more energy-efficient? Find out more about how you can benefit from our Houston window replacement contractors.

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