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When Lightning Strikes- Protect Your Home’s Electrical

Posted by John Moore

May 18, 2011 10:11:00 AM

lightning resized 600Houston storms and their aftermath are unavoidable. And if lightning strikes near your home, this can create electrical fields which swell the amperage on your electrical lines, TV cable and phone lines as conduits into the house. Result: Toasted TVs and phones. There are some steps you can take to prevent your major appliances from taking the hit during an electrical storm.

  • Electrical line surges

Most often people rely on small power-surge suppresser strips, those plastic strips into which appliances plug. But experts say you should guard against surges from well down the electrical grid or from inside the house itself. A “whole house” surge arrestor installed at the meter box is a better defense. Whole-house surge arrestors can hold down a much larger amount of increased amperage from a surge, leaving the smaller suppresser less work. These can be installed by professional electricians and the cost will be worthwhile.

  • Phone line surges

Theoretically, phone line surges shouldn't happen because telephone poles offer protection to the phone lines going into a building from a lightning strike. Occasionally individual phone lines will suffer the effects of lightning, though. Just like everything else, cordless phones run on electricity. Phone-line surge suppressors are on the market and you can find electrical-line surge suppressors that include a phone-line suppressor for the charging base.



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