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What's My Ideal Hot Water Heater Temperature?

Posted by John Moore

Sep 30, 2010 1:57:00 PM

Hot Water Heater SafetyWe all know that the heating and cooling systems in our homes use up more energy than anything else. Adjusting the thermostats on our air conditioning systems and refrigerators even a degree or two can save us considerable energy. But at what point do we cross the line between energy-efficiency and unsafe heating conditions?

Hot Water Heater Safety Concerns

Set your water heater to 140° F or more, and you create a scalding risk. Set it below 140° F, and you leave yourself susceptible to bacteria like Legionella, which is responsible for Legionnaire’s Disease, an often fatal form of pneumonia. Legionella is formed in standing water not heated to temperatures hot enough to kill it. Turning up the temp on your hot water heater seems like a reasonable preventive method, but scalding, particularly with senior citizens or children in your home, is an equally dangerous threat. So, what's more important?

Various government organizations in the United States and Canada disagree, as do energy experts, on what takes a higher priority and therefore at what temperature homeowners should set their hot water heater thermostats. The common answer is to set your home’s hot water heater at 120° F to balance both the risks of scalding and Legionella bacteria growth.

Another great way to put your mind at ease is with a tankless water heater. Since tankless water heaters have no standing water to deal with, the chance of bacteria multiplying in a tank is virtually eliminated.

Free Consultation on Water Safety & Tankless Water Heaters

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