Worried About Snakes In Your Garage?

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Worried About Snakes In Your Garage?


How to Keep Them Away-and Legally Get Them to Leave

t’s a scene that might make you feel like you’re having a nightmare: you step into your garage and see a snake.

The snake might feel like he or she is having a nightmare too. It’s important to remember that snakes are just as (if not more) scared of us as we are afraid of them. In particular, areas with construction push them out of their natural habitats and into garages. Any snake you find wandering around your garage is more than likely just looking for a place to live and food to eat.

Getting a snake out of your garage is not that simple, especially if you live in Texas. Texas law protects most snakes. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give your reptile guest an extended stay.

How to Keep Snakes Out in the First Place

Kyle Jackson, pest control manager at John Moore, says the best way to keep snakes at bay is to minimize their chances of entering your garage in the first place. Here are five major ways to exclude snakes from your garage and home:

  • Close your garage door. Keep your garage door closed, especially at night, unless there’s a good reason to keep it open. Snakes can’t get inside if they have no way of getting in in the first place.
  • Seal any potential entries. Make sure that your garage door has weather stripping on the bottom. You can also install rails on the side of your garage doors to prevent rodents and snakes from squeezing through. John Moore can help install these devices as part of our rodent exclusion service.
  • Take care of your lawn. Don’t water your lawn too much, as it might attract animals (such as frogs) that snakes like to eat. Also, keep the grass and bushes around your home trimmed to help keep snakes away and make them easier to notice if they do appear.
  • Don’t keep food out. Try to keep food, such as dried goods and even dog food, inside. Food can attract snakes or attract the rodents that snakes eat.
  • Take care of any rodent problems. Snakes eat mice and rats, and a home crawling with rodents will attract them. John Moore’s pest control experts can help you quickly get your home rodent-free.

What to Do if You Find a Snake in Your Garage

If you do find a snake in your garage, do your best to remain calm. In the majority of cases, snakes are just looking for shelter and something to eat, and aren’t looking to hurt you or your loved ones.

Remember, the snake is just as scared of you as you are of them, and will try to defend itself if you, your kids, or your pets get too close. That’s why it’s important to immediately get everyone away from the snake.

Important Note:
Do not kill the snake.

Many snakes are considered endangered wildlife and are protected by the State of Texas.

Jackson stresses that snakes typically go away on their own. They’ll try to defend themselves, but again, are usually only seeking food and shelter and don’t mean any harm. If you do attempt to get the snake to leave, Jackson advises doing so safely and cautiously.

“Spray them with a water hose to get them to go away,” he says. “Don’t use glue boards, traps, or weapons, especially guns. If a bullet bounces off the ground, the situation could turn fatal.”

Calling Professional Help to Remove a Snake

However, if the snake doesn’t leave, or if the snake is trapped, you should call John Moore’s pest control experts or Texas Parks and Wildlife to safely remove the reptile.

At John Moore, we do not use glue boards or traps to remove snakes. Instead, we’ll humanely trap them and release them in a protected wildlife park that’s far away from your home. John Moore works to protect all Texas wildlife, including snakes, bats, and raccoons.

Using a Snake Repellent

After safely and humanely removing the snake from your garage, we can put a snake repellent like Snake Away around your home. However, snake repellent is not a long-term solution. It only lasts a day or two, and rain and humidity can easily wash it away. However, for peace of mind, it’s an extra step you can opt to take.

Long-term Snake Prevention

Of course, once the snake is gone, make sure you do these crucial things to minimize your chances of having another snake problem:

  • Close your garage door to shut out snakes in the first place.
  • Seal potential entry holes and gaps with weather stripping, wire mesh, or by other means
  • Trim your home’s lawn and bushes to not attract snakes or the animals (like frogs) that they eat. John Moore’s lawn treatment services can help.
  • Keep food inside so snakes or rodents (which they eat) aren’t lured in.
  • Take care of any rodent problems so snakes aren’t drawn in by one of their favorite food sources. John Moore’s pest control experts can help.

For more tips, read “12 Ways to Stop Snakes From Slithering Into Your Yard” by wildlife specialist Terry Messmer.

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