A John Moore Services technician working on a water heater fix the hot water in the house.

Why Is My Water Not Getting Hot?


A John Moore Services technician working on a water heater fix the hot water in the house.
May 22, 2024

Why Is My Water Not Getting Hot?

Nothing is more irritating than getting up on a cold morning—or back from a long day at work—and being unable to relax in a warm shower or bath. Even worse is when you wash your hands or are in the shower, and your water instantly becomes freezing.

But why does this keep happening?

More than likely, the issue stems from an issue with your water heater. If your water is not getting hot, learn how to troubleshoot water heater issues with this informative blog.

5 Reasons Your Water Heater Is Not Producing Hot Water

1. Gas Leak in the Supply Line

While electric water heaters are more efficient, gas water heaters are more cost-effective and commonly owned. 

While your first thought may be to look at the tank for direct issues, try to notice if you smell gas by your water heater. Lingering gas smells indicate a gas leak. In that case, immediately call your local utility company and stay away. 

Additionally, check the supply line and any connections to see where the leak is coming from without exposing yourself to the gas fumes. If possible, close all the gas valves, and turn off electric and gas appliances. 

2. Water Leak in the Plumbing or the Tank

Water heaters are meant to hold water and send water through your pipes into your faucets and appliances. When the tank cannot accumulate water because of a leak, it becomes impossible for your water to become hot.

Tankless water heaters leak for various reasons, though improper installation and backed-up pipes are the most common. You can remedy some issues by resetting the shut-off valve, patching obvious holes, tightening your water connections, or cleaning your drain valve. 

However, a professional should fix leaking pressure relief valves and large holes, especially in the water heater's interior.

3. Pilot Light and Gas Valve Problems

Pilot lights heat your gas-powered water heaters, and gas valves provide a steady flow of gas from the supply line to your water heater. 

First, inspect the gas inlet valve and gas supply tube to see if they are properly tightened and in the right place. Lastly, ensure the gas is on and try to relight your pilot light.

4. Small Tank Size

Your water heater may not produce hot water at various times throughout the day after being overused. Before purchasing a tank water heater, consider the scenarios in which you may run out of hot water. 

Given that gas tank water heaters last 8–12 years and electric between 10–15 years, much can change over that time. You may currently only live with a significant other or spouse, but in a few years, you may have children.

If you plan on having lots of guests over for a pool party, and they want to rinse off in a warm shower, you may run out of hot water. 

To test for issues with your tank size, check it periodically throughout the day. The water may take too long to refill and therefore take longer to heat up towards the end of the day.

5. Your Water Heater is Too Old or in Poor Condition

Nothing lasts forever. Whether moving to a new home or looking to renovate, it may be time to upgrade your water heater.

Individuals with frequent water heating issues should consider a new water heater, especially if it’s no longer under warranty. It will save money in the long run by preventing unnecessary repairs.

Consider purchasing a tankless water heater for seemingly infinite amounts of hot water. Those who own a tankless water heater can run their washer and dryer while cleaning dishes with ease—even when someone is in the shower. Gas-burning tankless water heaters often last over 20 years if well maintained, and electric units last up to 10 years on average.

John Moore: Houston’s Water Heater Repair Experts

A John Moore Services technician walking from the service van to the house to fix a water heater with his tools.

Not all water heater models are the same. Depending on the cause of your problem, hiring professional help may be unavoidable. Trust John Moore Services, a company with over 50 years of experience handling tank and tankless water heater repairs and installation in Texas.

If you are looking for water heater repair in Houston, reach out to John Moore Services with any questions or to schedule an appointment today.

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