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You probably associate the John Moore name with plumbing, HVAC, electrical and pest control services. But did you know we also help homeowners renovate their homes? Whether you want a new sink or your entire kitchen renovated, John Moore’s interior design team is equipped to handle any size job. And we offer a 0% down financing program for qualified applicants, so you don’t have to wait any longer for the home you’ve always wanted.


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Spring Branch Interior and Exterior Renovations

Do you own a fixer upper in Spring Branch? Perhaps you own a newer home that needs a little more customization. In addition to total kitchen and bath remodels, John Moore can help with many home improvement projects to rejuvenate and personalize your home. From exterior services that include painting, roofing, and window installations to interior renovations like shower replacements and complete kitchen redesigns, our integrated team of home service specialists work together to ensure seamless results.

If you only have a certain budget to work with, John Moore’s interior design team can help you zero in on the parts of your home that’ll give you the best return on your investment. The good news is that you don’t have to do it all right away, but if you’re ready to, John Moore’s financing program can help you get it all done faster.

John Moore’s Renovation Services Include:

  • Cabinets
  • Custom Kitchen
  • Custom Bathroom
  • Countertops
  • Doors
  • Faucets
  • Fixtures
  • Painting
  • Wall & Ceiling
  • Roofing & Exterior
  • Tiling
  • Tubs & Showers
  • Windows

Spring Branch Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Are your kitchen and bathrooms dying for a makeover? Because these rooms in particular can make or break a home, every detail matters. Everything from paint color and tilework to lighting and fixtures can transform a dull, outdated space into a vibrant, welcoming one. With John Moore’s custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, we can perform a wide range of projects— from installing a single standalone tub to tearing down walls and creating a more open space.

If you need help defining the look you’re going for, John Moore’s home renovations team will consult with you and provide a variety of samples to determine the style that is right for you. Is it contemporary, traditional, rustic, industrial-chic, modern, or classic? Whatever you decide, we can help you achieve it. And with plumbing, drainage, ventilation, and electrical support right at our fingertips, we can ensure quality results all the way through.

With so many homes in Sugar Land and the Houston area, we are prepared with a large selection of quality products to meet different needs and tastes. Our design team will meet with you to understand your personal style and goals for your new bathroom or kitchen. We’ll discuss your overall vision and work our way through all the details like the type of showers, faucets, and fixtures you want for your bathroom— or countertops, appliances, and tiles for your kitchen. Our mission at John Moore is complete customer satisfaction, which is why we partner with you every step of the way to ensure you’re thrilled with your new kitchen or bathroom.

Painting, Roofing, & Exterior Renovations in Spring Branch

With time, your home isn’t going to look or work like it used to. Roofs start to give out, paint begins to fade, holes and cracks develop, and siding may fall off or become stained. Although there’s a huge focus on interior design these days, remember that exterior renovations are just as, if not more, important. After all, the outside of your home is what makes the first impression. Besides maintaining your curb appeal, it’s your home’s exterior that provides protection from pests, weather, and everything else you don’t want inside of your home.

An old roof with damage is susceptible to water leaks and holes and cracks that aren’t addressed can allow bugs and other pests to find their way into your home. To ensure your home is protected, John Moore’s exterior renovation experts provide everything from roof repairs and total roof replacements to sealing services and window installations. If you notice your energy bills have been higher than normal, you can also ask us about radiant barrier, attic insulation replacement, or the Attic Breeze ventilation system.

Time can do funny things. As your home settles, cracks and holes may start to form that not only allow bugs and rodents to enter, but can also let the cold and heat to seep in. Your roof will naturally wear over time, and after twenty or so years, you may need to have it replaced. Even if you own a somewhat newer home but notice roof damage, pests in your home, or feel that your home is hotter or colder than it should be, it may be time for a professional inspection.

John Moore offers expert roofing and sealing services to get your home back to where it used to be. By acting right away, you can avoid unnecessary costs that stem from water leaks, pest damage, and wasted energy. We also have exterior painters if you’re looking to rejuvenate the outside your home. Whatever service you need, you can have peace of mind in John Moore’s ‘guaranteed quality’ philosophy for both the work and products we deliver to our customers.

Looking for a reputable painting or roofing company in Spring Branch? Call John Moore’s Exterior Remodeling Team at 713-730-2525.


Spring Branch Wall and Ceiling Repairs

You’ve probably already noticed how delicate your walls and ceilings are. Stains and dents can easily mess up the look of an entire wall or ceiling. You may have even tried to fix them yourself a time or two but couldn’t quite get the nice, even texture of a professional drywall repair. Visible seams are a common problem for homeowners who try to fix a wall or ceiling themself. When it comes to repairing a dented wall or ceiling, matching the surrounding area can be even more complex because it requires patching, painting, and texturing. Instead of spending time trying to figure out how to get your wall to look perfect, John Moore’s drywall specialists have the expertise to fix your wall properly and efficiently.

In addition to the challenges of repairing drywall, there’s also having to find out what caused the damage in certain instances. Where is the water damage coming from? Is it a leaky pipe, a leaky roof, a broken water heater, or something wrong with your HVAC system? With John Moore’s professional drywall services, we’ll investigate any water damage before we repair your drywall. However, you are under no obligation to have us repair anything extra if that’s what you decide. As with everything we do, we strive to always keep our customers updated with any issues we find so that they can make the most informed decisions regarding their home.

To schedule a free estimate for a drywall repair in Spring Branch, call 713-730-2525.

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