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Have a home improvement project but don’t want to break the bank? John Moore offers a 0% down financing program to qualified homeowners who need anything from their roof replaced to their bathrooms remodeled. And because we’ve been around since 1965, you can trust that your investment will go a long way. We believe in providing quality products and results that last for many years to come.


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Interior & Exterior Renovations in Conroe

If you own an older home in Conroe, there may be a few things that need to be replaced, repaired, or updated. If your kitchens and bathrooms look outdated or your roof is falling apart, John Moore offers both interior and exterior renovations to get your house looking and working like it’s supposed to. Even if you own a newer home that needs a little— or a lot— of personalization, we can add some new paint and install custom hardware, faucets, and fixtures to make your space unique.

By working with John Moore, you’ll have the expertise of a company that’s been around for over fifty years. Whether you need your entire kitchen redesigned or new shower heads installed, John Moore ensures top caliber workmanship for a wide range of home improvement projects. And because we have expert plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians in-house, you can expect a smoother renovation process for your kitchen and bathrooms, and superior quality all around.

John Moore’s Renovation Services Include:

  • Cabinets
  • Custom Kitchen
  • Custom Bathroom
  • Countertops
  • Doors
  • Faucets
  • Fixtures
  • Painting
  • Wall & Ceiling
  • Roofing & Exterior
  • Tiling
  • Tubs & Showers
  • Windows

Custom Bath & Kitchen Renovations in Conroe

With homeowners more aware about the marketability of their homes, kitchen and bathroom renovations have become popular all over the Houston area. Without a doubt, John Moore’s renovation and remodeling specialists can help redesign and reconfigure your spaces to make your home more marketable. But what about the smaller repairs and upgrades you’re almost forced to do, simply because you can no longer stand to look at calcium buildup around your faucets or a stained, brown shower base that you can’t get clean?

It doesn’t matter whether you need a whole kitchen or bathroom revamped or just certain components replaced like countertops, showers, or faucets, John Moore can do it. We will first partner with you to understand your style preferences and goals. From there, we will work together on product selection and ensure every detail is covered from top to bottom. For a complete kitchen and bath redesign, this would entail choosing the perfect layout and cabinets down to the smaller features like knobs, faucets, and shower heads. And because we take quality seriously, our work is backed by a one year labor warranty and all of the products we use come with manufacturer’s warranties.*

*Does not apply in cases of consumer negligence, acts of God (flood, lightning, etc.), riots, or war.

Conroe Roofing, Painting, and Exterior Renovation

Conroe has many homes that are more than twenty years old. If you own one of these homes, you may be noticing that your roof and siding are beginning to change or wear down. Your roof may be missing a few shingles, your exterior paint may have dulled, or there may be a temperature imbalance in your home due to new cracks or openings that have formed around your home. As your house settles and ages, you will naturally have to repair the exterior to maintain it.

What’s the risk in waiting? Well, if you neglect exterior damage for long enough, a worse situation can arise. A damaged roof can lead to water damage inside of your home. Holes or cracks that aren’t properly sealed can lead to temperature imbalance, moisture damage, or an infestation of bugs or rodents. John Moore can help you avoid the issue from compounding. Our exterior renovation team consists of roofers, exterior renovators, and even pest control experts that can ensure your home is protected like it used to be. If your goal is to beautify your home, John Moore also offers exterior painting services as well as window and door installations to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

To schedule a free estimate for roofing, painting, or other exterior home renovations, call John Moore at 713-730-2525.


Conroe Drywall & Ceiling Repair

If you have a stained or dented wall and are thinking about fixing it, you may also want to consider the benefits of having it fixed professionally. A drywall repair expert can save you time and the hassle of learning how to seamlessly patch drywall. In addition to installing a new wall or patching a damaged one, you also have to worry about getting the paint and texture to match the existing wall or ceiling. With our drywall repair team’s years of experience, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Also, if your wall was damaged by water, moisture, or pests, we can determine the root cause of the damage and fix that, too. With plumbing, HVAC, and pest control services right at hand, we can locate where a leak is coming from or check for termites or rodents in your home. If we find that you have a broken water heater, corroded plumbing pipes, or a pest infestation, you can decide if you’d like us to fix the problem before we repair your wall or ceiling. If major work is needed like a repipe or extermination, you have the option of applying for John Moore’s 0% financing program. However, you are under no obligation to have any repairs done after we perform an inspection. As with all the services we provide, John Moore aims to educate our customers with all of our findings so that they can make the best decision for their home and their family.

Wall and Ceiling repair in Conroe is only a call away! Call John Moore for a free estimate: 713-730-2525

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Get $1,000 off a whole kitchen remodel.

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$50 Off Sheetrock Repair

Get $50 off your next Sheetrock repair.

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FREE Comfort Height Toilet

Get a FREE comfort height toilet with purchase of whole bathroom remodel.

John Moore

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Quality Home Renovation Services by a Longstanding Name

John Moore provides Home Renovation and Remodeling Services to all Conroe neighborhoods, including:
  • Acorn Hill Estates
  • Adcock Acres
  • Adkins Village
  • Airport Heights
  • Allendale
  • Andershire Estates
  • Arbor Place
  • Arbors At Jacobs Reserve
  • Artesian Forest
  • Artesian Lake Estates
  • Artesian Oaks
  • Ayres
  • Barton Woods
  • Baseke
  • Bear Creek Acres
  • Bella Vita
  • Benardino
  • Bennette J O H-owens
  • Bennette Woods
  • Big Tree Estates
  • Blueberry Hill Estates
  • Boehler
  • Briar Grove
  • Briarwood
  • Broad Oaks
  • Cagle Branch Estates
  • Camellia Subdivision
  • Caney Heights
  • Canyon Creek
  • Canyon Crossing
  • Carriage Hills
  • Cedar Creek
  • Cedar Lane Estates
  • Cedar Woods
  • Central Park Condos
  • Champion Forest
  • Champion Hills
  • Champion Oaks 28
  • Champion Pines
  • Champion Village
  • Chasewood
  • Chasewood Forest
  • Chateau Woods
  • Chateau Woods Place
  • Chestnut Ridge At Jacobs Reser
  • Circle Oaks
  • College Addition
  • Conroe Colony
  • Conroe Lumber Co
  • Conroe Suburban Estates
  • Conroe Terrace
  • Country Club Forest
  • Country Village
  • Country West
  • Crighton Ridge
  • Crighton Woods
  • Crockett Forest
  • Crockett Trace
  • Crystal Creek
  • Crystal Creek Acres
  • Crystal Creek Estates
  • Crystal Creek Forest
  • Crystal Forest
  • Crystal Springs
  • Cumberland Estates
  • Curry
  • Cut-n-shoot Estates
  • Dale Dell
  • Deer Glen Estates
  • Deer Glen West
  • Deer Ridge 419
  • Deer Run
  • Deer Trail
  • Deerwood
  • Dinger Estates
  • Dogwood Forest
  • Dominion Ridge
  • Donovans
  • Earthman
  • East End
  • Eastview
  • Eastwood Hills
  • Edgewood
  • Emerson Estates
  • Estates Of Longmire On Lake Conroe
  • Estates Of Wedgewood Falls
  • Etheridge Addition
  • Everett Addition
  • Fair Brown Courts
  • Fair Grounds
  • Fairway Estates
  • Fairwood
  • Fire Tower Acres
  • Fire Tower Estates
  • Fm 1314 Estates
  • Forest At Jacobs Reserve
  • Forest Estates
  • Forest Of Wedgewood
  • Forest Park
  • Forest Trail
  • Foster Glen
  • Foster Oaks
  • Garwood Hills
  • Gilmore
  • Gleneagles
  • Glenwood Park
  • Graystone Hills
  • Green Acres
  • Greenbough
  • Greenleaf
  • Greenridge Farms
  • Greenwood Acres
  • Groceville Estates
  • Grove At Jacobs Reserve
  • Hallmark Of Panorama
  • Harper's Preserve
  • Harris Henry Sr
  • Harris Mike
  • Hazelwood
  • Hickory Hill
  • Hickory Ridge
  • Hidden Creek
  • Hidden Hills
  • Highland
  • Highland Hollow
  • Highland Village
  • Highline Oaks
  • Hillcrest Acres
  • Hillgreen
  • Hinchcliffe Addition
  • Holly Hills
  • Holly Terrace At Jacobs Reserv
  • Hunter's Place
  • Hunters Glen
  • Huntington Estates
  • Imperial Oaks Estates
  • Imperial Oaks Park
  • Independent
  • Kaleo Park
  • Kellyn Oaks
  • Ken Oaks
  • Kenbrook Valley
  • Kenwood Village
  • Keystone Trails
  • Kimblewood
  • La Salle Crossing
  • Lake Adams
  • Lake Chateau Woods
  • Lake Ck Ranchettes
  • Lake Conroe West-west Creek
  • Lake Creek Falls
  • Lake Creek Forest
  • Lake Forest Falls
  • Lake Rollingwood
  • Lake Wildwood
  • Lake Windcrest
  • Lakeland
  • Lakewood Estates
  • Lawndale Park
  • Lazy Caney Pines
  • Lewis
  • Lincoln Heights
  • Lone Star Ranch
  • Longmire Creek Estates
  • Longmire On Lake Conroe
  • Longwood
  • Magnolia Bend
  • Magnolia Lake
  • Majestic Acres
  • Malaga Forest Rep
  • Mansions Villas
  • Mccomb Ranchettes
  • Mcdade Estates
  • Mcmillan Lillian
  • Mcmillan R F
  • Mcrae Lake
  • Meadows At Imperial Oaks
  • Miller
  • Montgomery Creek Ranch
  • MontgomeMoorehead Acres
  • Moss Hill
  • Mosswood
  • Newton Acres
  • North Palisades
  • North Pine
  • Northchase
  • Northchase Patio Homes
  • Northline Oaks
  • Northridge
  • Northwood Acres
  • Nottingham
  • Nutter
  • Oak Canyon
  • Oak Estates At Jacobs Reserve
  • Oak Forest 597
  • Oak Forest Estates
  • Oak Grove South Ranchettes
  • Oak Haven Farms
  • Oak Hollow