Match original paint color

Can John Moore match the original paint for my walls?

Depending on the age of the home and the paint used, John Moore may not be able to find a perfect match. However, we offer over # color choices and can come close the original.

Can I stay home when my house is being painted

Do I need to leave my home while John Moore is painting?

No. We typically use non volatile organic compound paints that do not give off toxic odors. While we still encourage you to open your windows while we work if you are sensitive to strong smells, the paint itself is very safe for both humans and pets. If we are working with an oil based paint that does contain volatile organic compounds, we will make sure the project area is well ventilated before beginning and encourage you to wait in another part of the house.

How long does painting take

How long will the average painting project take, and when can I expect the paint to dry?

After the consultation, a painting project can take anywhere from a day to a week depending on the size of the project. We will work with you to ensure that our work it done take in a timely fashion on a schedule you are comfortable with. Whether we are completing an indoor or outdoor project, paint should be dry to the touch by the time our crew leaves your home. Most projects will completely dry overnight, but paint jobs with multiple coats may take longer.

Painting Warranty

If there is a problem with the paint work after the work crew leaves, will John Moore fix it?

Yes. Our work is covered by a one-year warranty. We will happily return to correct any mistakes or problems that arise within that one-year timeframe. Please note that the warranty does not cover damage arising from homeowner negligence.

Can I provide my own paint

May I provide my own paint rather than purchasing paint through John Moore?

We encourage you to consider a wide variety of paint options and select a high-quality paint that will last for many years. However, you are more than welcome to provide the paint for the project if you do not want to purchase paint from John Moore.

Furniture protection while painting

What does John Moore do to protect my furniture and belongings during a paint?

John Moore’s painting crew will do everything possible to protect your belongings from damage during a home repaint. The crew will put on cloth shoe covers before entering your home to avoid tracking in dirt or tracking out paint and will lay down tarps and protective drop cloths to keep your floor and furniture clean. We will inspect the area before we leave to ensure nothing has been damaged. If anything does happen to get damaged, John Moore will take responsibility and do our best to replace the furniture or repay you for the property loss.

Kinds of Painting

What kinds of painting does John Moore do?

John Moore handles indoor wall and ceiling painting projects, cabinet painting, and home exterior painting.

Where do pets go when painting my home

What should I do with my pets while the crew is in my home?

We want you and your pets to feel comfortable and safe throughout the painting process. For this reason, we encourage you to keep your pets in another room while we work.

Oil vs latex paint

When should I use oil versus latex paints?

Oil based paints are a little smoother to apply and resist shrinking over time. By contrast, latex is easier to work with, versatile, and great for all surfaces. Anyone with pets or sensitivities to smell should likely opt for latex paint for safety. Interior walls and ceilings are typically painted with latex based paint, and all molding and wood is painted with oil based paint or stain. Exterior jobs are painted with a mix of latex and oil based paint depending on the surface material.