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Whether you have an electric or gas heater, you can trust John Moore Services to provide regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system. Being in Houston, we know how important our AC system is to us- especially on those scorching Texas days. There is nothing worse than having a big problem with your AC and heating system, and even worse knowing that you need to choose someone trustworthy to come help on a moment’s notice. We make that decision easy. Our furnace repair technicians will evaluate your equipment and point out any potential problems, providing a detailed estimate for any heating and AC repair in Houston. We cover everything you need for furnace service, repair and installation, including expert advice on insulation, energy efficiency and indoor air quality. And guess what? Ensuring your system is operating at peak performance will save you money on your cooling and heating bills!

As Houstonians, we are all well aware that our summer starts a little earlier and lasts a little longer than summers in other places. The first real heat wave could happen in a few short weeks, and now is the time to make sure our best defense for the heat, our AC unit, is running in optimal condition. If you haven’t had an annual AC inspection or tune-up, you should know what the symptoms are for real problems with your air condition.

The first thing you should look for if you are experiencing this problem is the size of the room that is not cooling. For example, if the master bedroom is not cooling and it has higher ceilings than other rooms in the house and only one air vent, the problem could simply be that the room is too large. The more cubic feet your AC unit has to cool means the harder it has to work and the longer it will take to cool a particular room. To solve this problem, you could keep your AC system running longer to cool the whole room, or you could install another vent into the room to enable the room to cool faster.

Another thing to check in this situation is the duct damper. A damper is a device within the duct system that helps control air flow into particular areas of the home and can also prevent air from entering specific areas. If the room that is not cooling has a damper inside the vent, it could be the reason for the lack of air flow. Another option is to install duct dampers in rooms that are smaller and cool easily, that way, more air will flow into the room that isn’t receiving much air instead of flowing into the rooms that cool without a problem.

Sometimes the problem may just need a simple fix. People normally close off vents during the winter months, and when the summer comes they forget to open them again. Always make sure that the supply grills of the vent are open because if they are closed, it doesn’t allow airflow to go through the house.

air_cond1-resized-600.jpgAnother issue with AC and Heating units is refrigerant leaks. Having refrigerant leaking from anywhere in your system is not a good thing, because it causes wear on your system and also makes the unit blow hot air. If you are experiencing this, an important question to ask yourself is, how old is my AC unit? Overall age is a common cause of refrigerant leakage. The average lifespan on an AC unit is 10-12 years, more on the 12-year side if the unit has been properly maintained. If it is aged, you will start to notice warmer air and higher utility bills. Your unit loses 3% of its efficiency every year it runs, so this is very important.

If your unit is not that old and you think your problem has to do with a refrigerant leak, it could be due to improper installation where parts of the system were not completely sealed together. Or, the vibration of the system could cause it. While in use, the system is constantly in motion. The movement itself is capable of causing small leaks in the lines of your system. The best thing to do in this situation would be to call a professional and check things out to get it fixed immediately.

Whether your problem is that your energy bill is too high, your AC doesn’t cool properly, a drain is clogged, or any other AC and heating problem that may arise, you need a home services company you can really trust to get the job done right and always treat you and your home with respect.

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At John Moore, we train our technicians like no one else with continuing education programs that expand their knowledge and perfect their craft. Once in a customer’s home, our techs explain the full extent of the problem in a way that they can understand, provide different options for fixing it, and give important tips on how to keep your system working perfectly and efficiently for years to come. From small minor leaks to large inefficient HVAC systems, all customers are treated the same and given the same exceptional service. If you want more for your home, then look no further than John Moore. We offer $0 down financing with approved credit, so don’t postpone important system repairs or replacements in your home. Give us a CALL TODAY or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment.