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John Moore Services offers electrical repair and services from the simplest – replacing a bad outlet, installing a fixture or ceiling fan – to large and complex jobs like replacing electrical panels and adding or running circuits. Unlike many other home services, many electrical services require a permit and according to state law the work must be inspected before the job is finished. Improperly installed wiring or breakers can be dangerous because they can burn down your entire home. When you call John Moore Eaton | John Moore ServicesServices, you know you are hiring a state-licensed electrician who has state-of-the-art tools and equipment from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry – like Eaton.

All Electrical Repairs and Services:

We Have Trained, Professional Licensed Electricians

Training Electricians | John Moore Services Electricians in Texas have to go through a thorough process of applications, examinations, and continuing education. Texas takes licensing very seriously, and so do we: all of our electricians are licensed by the state and participate in ongoing training and education to keep their skills current and sharp.

Electrical work is very complex. Did you know that the code for electrical work is updated every three years? Every time the code is updated, something in your electrical system no longer meets the latest standard. So it’s especially important with electrical work to have a trained, licensed professional electrician who takes continuing education classes to stay up to date on code changes. Safety and trust are what we want our customers to feel when John Moore electrical technicians come to the house.IEC-logo

We are members of the Texas Gulf Coast Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors, a symbol of excellence for the electrical industry.

Common Electrical Problems And Causes

We take electricity for granted until something doesn’t work. What about when there is a sudden power surge that destroys all of the appliances that were plugged in? Issues like electrical outlets that are not working to circuit breakers that continue to trip can be annoying and interfere with our daily lives. These are common problems and it’s important to be able to spot them before they get worse.

Electrical | John Moore ServicesBurned wires create a lot of issues within the home. Signs of possible burned wires:

  • Light bulbs burning out quickly
  • Light bulbs flickering

Because burned wires are hard to detect, knowing what causes them is a great way to prevent them from occurring.

  • Loose connections
  • Improperly placed extension cords
  • Overloaded circuits

Circuit Breaker | John Moore ServicesCircuit breakers that keep tripping probably have some underlying cause that should be investigated.

  • Breaker not properly reset after it trips
  • Circuit overloaded
  • Short-circuit
  • Ground fault

Electrical Problems With Older Houston Homes

Home Maintenance | John Moore ServicesIf your house was built in the 1980’s or before and its electrical system has not been upgraded, you are probably experiencing your fair share of problems. Some typical problems in older homes that need to be updated are:

  • Backstabbed wiring
  • Knob and tube wiring
  • Improper grounding

Our Houston electricians not only respond to your electrical emergencies, but we can also evaluate your home’s electrical wiring and offer a variety of ways to improve your energy efficiency and save you money.

Annual Electrical Inspections Are Important

Having items in your home such as your electrical panel and outlets inspected annually is very important. In fact, every three years new codes are developed for electrical panel safety, so if you have not had your system inspected lately, chances are it’s out of date.

Electrical maintenance doesn’t just mean a quick cleaning and checking to see if things turn on and off. We go above and beyond by checking all the small, intricate details of your equipment and teach you how things work so you can keep it running smoothly even after we leave your home. Small, preventative steps taken each year in your electrical system can prevent big, destructive problems from happening in the future that would require major electrical repairs. You want to make sure you catch things before they become an issue, and that is especially true with anything electrical. Things can get pretty dangerous when something is happening that you can’t even see.

John Moore Services has licensed electricians who will conduct routine maintenance on your whole electrical system to make sure it is working in prime condition. Don’t wait! Call us today to get things checked out and working properly. After all, your home is your biggest investment, so doing everything you can to keep it and your family safe should be a priority. We offer $0 down financing with approved credit, so don’t postpone important system repairs or replacements in your home. Give us a CALL TODAY or CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment.