Heating Maintenance

When it comes to the safety and preservation of our homes, it’s easy to overlook simple heating maintenance activities. We might notice a problem and think we’ll get to it “later”, or we might not even notice the problem at all. No matter if it is because you don’t see the need for spending money on a professional or if you just think you don’t need it, the reality is that deferred maintenance will come back and haunt you when you least expect it. Furnace maintenance in particular is one of the most important functions in your home.

Heating Maintenance : What Your Furnace Check Includes

Here are some of the things John Moore technicians look for when performing an annual furnace maintenance check:

Heating MaintenanaceBlockage in the vent or drainage system– The vent and drain are essential parts of your system. Your furnace will perform at its best and last much longer with proper drainage and vent piping care by a qualified technician and will also keep your energy bill low.

Accumulation of dust and debris– Over time, dust and other particles can roam into your system and cause blockage and other damages. Also, airflow is compromised when dust gets in the way. A professional knows the right way to get around your system and clean it properly.

Rust and corrosion– If a part needs to be replaced, don’t wait to get it fixed before it does additional damage to your system. Metal can rust after not being properly cleaned and maintained for a long period of time, damaging parts of your system that are vital for proper working condition.
Dirty flame sensors- If your flame sensors are dirty, your burner cannot turn on, causing your furnace to not produce heat. An experienced John Moore technician will properly clean these so your system functions correctly.

Physical condition– Even though the individual parts of your system are working, the physical condition of the furnace is important too. John Moore technicians will make sure that both the interior and exterior of your furnace meets the highest standards.

Emission of dangerous, undetectable gases– HVAC service technicians always check the carbon monoxide levels, as well as other gases, in your system to ensure there are no leaks, which can be a huge threat to your safety and health.

If that last one doesn’t raise any eyebrows, it should. Carbon monoxide can leak and go completely undetected for quite some time, leading to health problems or even death.

Deemed the Silent Killer, carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, and kills on average 169 individuals a year according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In a 2012 study by the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 72,000 non-fire carbon monoxide cases were reported between 2006 and 2010. Of those, 94 percent occurred in a home. If people would get regular checks on their furnace, the heart of the home heating system, would this number be significantly lower? It certainly would.

There are more perks to getting your furnace checked annually than just being a responsible homeowner. If you get your heating, air conditioning and electrical system checked regularly, you will save time and money, and in turn increase the energy efficiency of your home. Get in touch with us today to schedule your much-needed yearly maintenance with one of our expert technicians before it’s too late!