Indoor Air Quality: Why It Matters and How to Test Yours

The air inside your home could be even more polluted than the air outdoors. Learn more about indoor air quality, why it matters, and how to test yours.

You probably think of air pollution as an “outdoor” problem—you may see smog in the sky through your window, but assume the atmosphere in your house must be clean. However, in our contemporary, contaminated world, indoor air quality has become a serious concern. At John Moore Services, we’ve worked tirelessly for the […]

Insulation: Spray Foam, Blown-in, Batts, or Rolls?

Upgrading the insulation can protect your home against cold, heat, moisture, and more. Learn about your options: spray foam, blown-in, batts, and rolls.

Your house is your sanctuary and your shelter, a place you can feel comfortable and secure. Chances are, however, that your home isn’t properly insulated. Without proper padding, your home isn’t adequately protected against the annoyances of the outside world. The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, or NAIMA, explains the numerous “reasons […]

Attics: The Importance of Insulation

Your energy costs could literally go straight through your roof if your attic isn’t properly insulated. Learn why and how John Moore Services can help.

Your attic is probably full of old boxes, dust, and cobwebs, but did you know this part of your home could be costing you thousands of dollars in energy bills? During the hot summer and chilly winter, you probably air condition and heat your home to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Most […]

8 Most Common Causes for Drain and Sewage Stoppages

What’s clogging your drain or stopping up your sewage system? Find out the eight most common causes and how John Moore Services can help.

No one wants to deal with a clogged drain or stopped-up sewage system. Unfortunately, thousands of homeowners have to handle these hassles on a daily basis. The John Moore Services team has helped Houston residents maintain and improve their homes for more than 50 years. Our plumbers know how to repair your […]

High-Quality H2O: How to Improve Your Water Quality

Is your water really pure? Learn about the contaminants it could contain and how our whole house water filtration systems could improve its quality.

Water is incredibly important to daily life. We drink it, rinse food with it, clean with it, wash clothes with it, eliminate waste with it, and more. If you look at a picture of the Earth, it may not seem this way, but drinkable water is also scarce. In a piece entitled “Freshwater […]

12 Ways to Rodent Proof Your Home for Fall and Winter


When fall and winter arrive and the air starts to become a little cooler, people tend to stay indoors. Unfortunately, rodents are likely to do the same, and there’s nothing worse than finding a mouse in your basement. Rodents tend to seek warm shelter and food during the colder months, and to them, your well-heated […]

Save Money (and the environment) by switching to a Tankless Water Heater!

hot water coming out of shower head

With tankless (A.K.A. On-demand) water heaters, worrying about your hot water needs is a thing of the past. By taking advantage of the latest tankless technology in water heating, you can save money, space, and the environment.

To understand how a tankless water heater provides these benefits, it’s helpful to understand how the system works:


What Attic Insulation Can Do For You and Your Home

insulation in attic

For many, a home is one of the most important investments you can make in your lifetime. Ensuring that your home is properly insulated can save you a substantial amount of money on your energy bills. One of the biggest areas of the home for energy inefficiency is the attic. At John Moore, we […]

How to Talk to Your Kids about Saving Energy (and Money)


How to Talk to Your Kids about Saving Energy (and Money)

Energy conservation is a complex subject, and even people who are committed to saving energy often have completely different justifications; one family might be concerned about climate change, while another just wants to keep energy bills low, whatever your reasons, when the family (especially […]

Different Ways Your Plumbing Can Spring A Leak And How To Detect The Problems

Water Damage Restoration | John Moore Services

Water leaks in the home can happen anywhere, anytime. Something that starts out as a small drip can turn into a major leak that floods your home. Most of the time it catches you off guard. See, all leaks start out small, a drip here and a drip there. But as time goes by these […]