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carpet cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
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Most people only think of cleaning their carpet when they can actually see the dirt and spots on the carpet, and that’s the first mistake! In order to get out of that habit, try thinking of your carpet as another air filter. It receives all the nasty stuff that gets dragged in on your shoes and by your pets, and other things that are carried in and out of your home. When you clean and dust your house, you’ve essentially “missed a spot”. Although you can’t always see it, the dust that didn’t necessarily land on your fireplace mantel or get sucked into the air filter have landed in your carpet. It also explains why people with allergies can suffer even indoors in the spring and fall – because the dust and pollen accumulates in the carpet. Not only does that mean your carpet is dirty and getting dirtier, but potential health problems can arise for people with asthma or sensitivities.

Dirty Carpet Affects Indoor Air Quality

Carpet cleaning | John Moore ServicesAn indoor air quality test can be performed in addition to just cleaning your carpet. After all, all the stuff that’s in your carpet ends up in your home’s air as well. This test checks the air flow inside duct lines and makes sure there are no contaminants which can be harmful to anyone inside the home. Airflow problems are caused by a number of things such as carpeting, pollen, and dust particles. These contaminants get stuck inside air duct lines and are constantly being circulated throughout the house. Over time, dust particles turn into mold and can be very hazardous if not addressed.

As the dust and dirt settle in your carpet, they are pushed further and further down to the base with each step. If you clean your carpet on a regular basis you can remove things like dust, dirt, and pollen to make your carpet last longer as well as improve the air quality and visual appeal of your home. To ensure you get the longest lifespan possible from your home’s carpets, you’ll want them professionally cleaned. While you can definitely rent carpet cleaning equipment from nearby stores, many of those machines are in poor condition or simply don’t have the cleaning power that a professional machine does. A professional machine will be able to get to the dirt and bacteria that is buried deep down in the fibers of the carpet. Take our word for it: the money that you spend on getting your carpets professionally cleaned will be worth it. Not only will it guarantee the deepest clean possible, it will also extend the life of your carpet by many years.

Have you ever thought about how your pets wear your carpet down, or how much more dirty things can get during the holiday season? No matter how much we love our animals and consider them part of the family, we hate it when they lift their leg on our couch or rug. It is unacceptable. And usually, we tend not to notice until they have done it quite a few times, and by then the smell and stain is beyond our ability to clean up alone.

We Do Upholstery Cleaning, Too

We get a lot of calls from customers who have spots on their furniture from their animals; normally they smell the urine for a while but don’t realize how bad it is until they find the hidden spot. We can remove the smell and stain from mostly all pieces of furniture including area rugs, couches, love seats, sofas, and dining room chairs.

Food and liquid stains are also common, especially during the holidays. Holiday parties can run long into the night, and there is no guarantee that your guests will be careful while sitting on your new dining room chairs and walking all over your carpet with food and drinks in their hands. Calling John Moore Services for a thorough cleaning is the best thing you can do to get things back to normal.

Carpet Cleaning Prolongs The Life Of Your Carpet

Your carpet is a playground for hundreds of thousands of bacteria that accumulate over time. Other things like dirt, dust, hair, and skin cells get in there as well, so you can bet a good cleaning is in order. Carpet-cleaning professionals say that the most effective method of keeping carpeting clean and increasing its lifetime is to vacuum it regularly. We recommend vacuuming your carpet and rugs three or more times per week, and daily in high-traffic areas if possible. We know that after a long day, it’s not always our first priority to vacuum, but it is important to clean regularly to maintain your carpet. For the tough part, we suggest hiring a John Moore Services professional once a year for a deep steam cleaning.

We are the go-to professionals to call when your carpet isn’t quite up to par. John Moore Services carpet cleaning packages, ranging from good to best, will meet everyone’s needs and leave them breathing easier:

  • GOOD: Steam clean and pretreat carpet only
  • BETTER: Steam clean, pretreat and deodorize carpet
  • BEST: Steam clean, pretreat, deodorize and sanitize carpet

Additional Cleaning Services


  • Couch Clean and Sanitize
  • Chair Clean and Sanitize
  • Sectional
  • Recliner
  • Room Sanitize Only
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning
  • Scotch Guard
  • Spot Remover
  • Heavy Spot Remover
  • Large Furniture Moving
  • Pet Treatment

Carpet cleaning is not merely a way to keep germs and dirt away. Having your carpet cleaned will totally rejuvenate your carpet and increase its lifespan, and will add value to your home. Once you’ve had it cleaned, you can trust that you, your family, and your guests will be safe from potentially harmful germs and other organisms that were once living in there. It’ll smell good and fresh, too, which is always a plus that improves the ambiance of your home. Getting a deep clean annually by a John Moore professional and performing continual maintenance on your own will always help with preventing more damage and a larger infestation of bacteria. If there is something you want to get lax about, don’t let it be this. If you know you haven’t had your carpet cleaned in a while, don’t brush it under the rug any longer (pun intended)! Call John Moore today with any questions and concerns you have before your carpet’s condition gets any worse.