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Fence Maintenance Tips for Summer

Posted by John Moore

Jun 19, 2012 8:00:00 AM

Back yard wood fence (Flickr: Orin Zebest)Never is curb appeal a bigger deal than in Summer. One neighbor's dog, the soccer ball of the kid next door, and simple wear and tear from Mother Nature can wreak havoc on the fence that provides privacy and security to your home and yard. With regular maintenance, though, you can prevent minor fence repairs from becoming costly problems in the future.

When performing your regularly-scheduled outdoor tasks this Summer, keep these fence maintenance tips in mind:

  • Add or replace hinges to prevent wood from sagging, and oil hinges to ensure they open and close properly.
  • Check for wasps, bees, and hornets' nests .. and don't forget to look for termite damage.
  • Check for loose nails. Either hammer them back in, or replace with new ones. If your neighbor's kid likes to kick soccer balls against your fence, or you have a dog who likes to pull on the fence with his teeth, start there. Nails are much more likely to come loose on areas of the fence that are bumped or tugged at frequently.
  • Repair missing or broken fence pieces.
  • Stain (or re-paint) your fence as needed to improve its longevity and make it look sharp. Make sure to read the directions on your stain, and only apply the product during the appropriate weather. Extreme temperatures, humidity, and other conditions can cause you problems with the product such that you may have to start over to fix the damage when the weather's right.
  • Finally, check to make sure the gate latch locks properly. Otherwise, you're making it easy for your neighbor's pesky kids or even extreme winds to open the gate with ease.

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