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Tips on Removing Furniture Dents from Carpet

Posted by John Moore

Jun 7, 2012 8:00:00 AM

Living Room Furniture on Carpet from FLOR.comPerhaps you just bought a new house and, in addition to some awful patio furniture, inherited a living room full of carpet indentations where the previous owner's couches, coffee tables, and TV stand once stood. Or maybe you're simply rearranging your living room to make space for new end tables, and you're noticing all those indentations. While this may not make or break your new look, those marks can become an eyesore, particularly if you're even the slightest bit obsessive-compulsive.

Here are some popular tips on eliminating those hard-to-remove carpet indentations:

  • Place an ice cube on the indentation, and allow it to melt. You can also try pouring a small amount of water on the spot and allowing the carpet fibers to stretch themselves back out due to the moisture.
  • Try a garment steamer, or use your iron to steam the spot. Avoid leaving the iron sitting on the carpet too long, however; you don't want to burn the carpet or cause a fire hazard. To be safe, place a towel or other piece of cloth over the indentation before using your iron.
  • Try applying heat with your hair dryer, and fluff out the carpet with your fingers.
  • Some homeowners have found success using brushes or combs to work out the kinks.
  • To prevent future problems, you can place furniture cups underneath your heavier pieces to distribute the weight of the object more evenly across a larger surface area. This will still cause an indentation, of course, but it will be less deep and damaging as before.

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