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Residential Skylights Add Energy-Efficiency & Ambiance in Houston

Posted by John Moore

Apr 26, 2012 8:00:00 AM

Residential SkylightsDespite all the wonderful technological advancements that come out every year, it seems we still end up spending more time indoors than we'd like. Countless studies have indicated the importance of sunlight to our health, but for many of us, our career choices, health concerns, and numerous other situations leave us lacking many options when it comes to spending adequate time outdoors. The good news: skylights can add value and comfort to our homes while giving us our much-needed Vitamin D fix.

Skylights provide Houston homeowners a number of value-added benefits, including:

  • Electricity costs money. Sunlight is free.
  • Improved health, providing sunlight to combat Seasonal Defective Disorder, particularly in people who can't get outside much.
  • Your home's rooms stay lit, even when the electricity is turned off.
  • Reduced electric consumption means skylights are a great "green" choice, helping the environment every year they're installed.
  • Skylights let in more sunlight than traditional windows of the same size.
  • During colder months, skylights can help warm your home, reducing your dependency on your furnace and greatly lowering heating bills.
  • Skylights pay for themselves within a few years in reduced energy costs.
  • Skylights are an eco-friendly alternative for office buildings, schools, and other commercial institutions as well as residential homes.

To learn more about the benefits of installing skylights in your home, and to find out what styles are right for you, speak to a representative about our Houston skylight installation services today.

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