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Is your Sump Pump causing problems for your Houston home?

Posted by John Moore

Dec 23, 2011 8:00:00 AM

What are Sump Pumps?

pedestal type sump pumpSump pumps are found in basements and are used to pump water that has leaked into the basement's sump pit back outside. Pedestal-style sump pumps sit above the sump pit while submersible sump pumps sit within the sump pit itself, making it less noticeable and less of a space-hog. Electric sump pumps are most common, although non-electric battery-run pumps are also available as are pumps that utilize water pressure to function.

Sump Pump Problems & Repair

Sump pumps are designed to help prevent costly water damage and keep your Houston home mold-free. But when your sump pump stops working, things can get ugly if it's not tended to. Most sump pumps will last around five to ten years, so if your pump is within that range, problems are to be expected.

Electrical outages are common culprits in sump pump problems. For this reason, many newer electric sump pump models have a backup battery supply built into the system. Excess dirt and grime around the pump can also lead to mechanical problems, so regular cleaning can go a long way toward maintaining your sump pump. When the water level reaches a particular height, the ball, or "float," inside your sump pump causes your pump's motor to push water out. If the float isn't working properly, the pump won't work properly either. Regardless of the problem, always be sure to unplug your sump pump before handling any cleaning or maintenance yourself.

Houston Sump Pump Repair Services

If your sump pump is causing you problems, and you'd prefer turning to a professional to take care of it, give us a call. We offer complete Houston sump pump repair services and can help you maintain your sump pump for years to come. Get started with your free quote today!

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