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Eliminate Household Clutter and Organize Storage

Posted by John Moore

Nov 16, 2011 8:36:00 AM

kitchen organization resized 600Unfortunately, the more stuff you accumulate, the smaller your house seems to get. That's why it’s so important to get your storage situation organized so you can eliminate the clutter that makes your house feel like its shrinking.

For most of us, the areas of the home that need the most organizing are the garage, closets and the kitchen. No matter where you start to de-clutter, the first thing you should do is eliminate what you don't use by throwing it out or donating it.

Smart Organization Systems

Once you have rid your home of unnecessary items, then you can develop an organization plan that ensures you can easily find things when you need them. Using stackable boxes or containers and labeling them on the side with the contents can decrease the amount of space needed for storage and make them easier to find. But remember, boxes don't protect your items from moisture, so invest in plastic storage bins with lids such as the ones available from Rubbermaid.

For closet organization, you also may want to consider shelving and organizing systems available at many home and hardware centers. These stores offer easy-to-install organizing systems that feature closet solutions and accessories.

Tidy Up Your Garage

This time of year, storing outdoor furniture and other warm weather items in the garage can put a real crunch on the amount of space you have to park your car. Shelves can help minimize the amount of floor space you use to store and stack things. Then, there will be plenty of wall space available to hang garden tools and sports equipment. Pegboard and hooks are great for hanging everything from rakes to hockey sticks.

Kitchen Organization

In the kitchen, hanging and stacking dishes, cups and food items can really make small cupboards and shelf spaces work more effectively. In addition to the kitchen-organizing products you can find at home centers, there are good websites for kitchen organization products:,; Get Organized,

So while you’re searching through stacks of boxes and overflowing closets to find your holiday decorations, consider getting organized before you put everything back this time.

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