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Houston Electricians Offer Secrets to Home Lighting

Posted by John Moore

Oct 19, 2011 5:13:00 PM

layered interior lighting resized 600Home renovation experts know that lighting has a powerful effect on your home, whether in interior spaces or on its exterior façade. If you’ve ever remodeled, chances are your efforts have focused on “solid” elements such as furniture, surfaces or decorations. Lighting often arrives as an afterthought, even though it is easily as powerful a design element as color, texture, or proportion.

So Many Lighting Options, Where to Begin?

The range of lighting options is voluminous— recessed and surface-mounted ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, freestanding table or floor lamps, LED strips, rope lighting tucked into ceiling soffits, recessed floor fixtures used for uplighting, niche spotlights to highlight artwork, and more. They all contribute to the technique of layering light sources in a room. Having multiple light sources allows both direct and indirect (reflected) light to highlight architectural features and furnishings.

Living Rooms & Kitchens

Living rooms are often large enough for lighting “zones” that encourage group conversations, and table lamps help define cozy sub-spaces. Recessed fixtures that highlight artwork, mirrors or window treatments can add another layer that allows for different moods. Kitchens need multiple light sources to help prevent shadows, especially in food prep or cleaning zones. Directed task lighting can be used to target countertops or corners, while ceiling pendants provide overall illumination.

Bathroom & Bedroom Lighting

Bathrooms also need shadow-free lighting for personal grooming and for cleaning the space. Wall-mounted fixtures flanking a mirror work better than a single ceiling fixture, and dimming overall light levels can help a master bath take on a spa-like feel. Bedrooms need high light levels for such tasks as cleaning or packing, but benefit from bedside lamps for reading and dimmers to create softer moods.

If you are planning a home remodel, the value of developing a lighting plan early in the process cannot be stressed enough. Even if you just want to add a few lighting updates in your existing space, get creative and entertain many options.

Need Help with Your Lighting Plan?

John Moore Electricians will be happy to help you develop an amazing home lighting plan. We can show you how layered lighting will drastically improve the look of your home. Our electricians are licensed, specially trained and certified—we provide consultation and full installation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.Give us a call, or schedule service online to get started.

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