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How Long Do Electrical Panels Last?

Posted by John Moore

May 2, 2011 1:02:00 PM

describe the imageStandards generally recognize that the life expectancy of an electrical panel is about 25 years. With older panels, contact points become corroded which can cause arcing, browning, fires and property damage. So, it’s especially important if you own an older home to have a professional electrician conduct a panel inspection. If your home is 15 years or older, John Moore Services will come on site and give you a FREE Electrical Panel Inspection. Take advantage of this offer—ensure your safety!

What causes faulty electrical outlets?

Electric panels themselves typically don’t cause any problems. The electric components or appliances typically create a short in an appliance, electric outlet or light switch. Electric panels and circuit breakers are specifically designed to prevent injury and property damage in the event of a short by shutting down the electric current to the faulty appliance or electrical components. The fact that there hasn’t been a problem yet doesn’t preclude anything from happening down the line.

What are the main reasons for electrical hazards?

In an older home, many people discover electrical problems after they’ve been in their home for a while. The fact is, you don’t know who did electrical work or wiring previously or exactly what was done. Electricians commonly discover wiring in older homes that isn't up to code. Poor wire connections, overloaded circuits, improper grounding and broken safety elements on an electrical panel are just a few examples.

Contact John Moore Electrical for FREE Electrical Panel Inspection

For home 15 years or older, call John Moore (713) 730-2525 to schedule your FREE Electrical Panel Inspection or schedule online NOW! Our licensed, specially trained and certified Houston electricians hold your safety and satisfaction to the highest measure, guaranteed.

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