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Regular Maintenance can prevent breakdowns that require Air Conditioning Repair

Houston summer heat can really take a toll on your Air Conditioning system making it work harder to keep your home cool. This is without taking into account that your system loses an average of up to 3% of its efficiency every year, making it more and more expensive to run year after year. The average life-span of an Air Conditioning Unit is anywhere from 10 to 12 years (some even up to 15).

You can keep your AC unit running efficiently and longer by doing a yearly tune-up or AC inspection.

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Signs of Air Conditioning Problems:

Air Conditioning

  • Rooms not cooling evenly
    • Are some rooms in your home colder than others, this could mean that you AC system is not balanced or that you could use some more vents in the rooms.
  • Increase in electric bills
    • Especially during the hot summer days in Houston, we all experience an increase in our electricity bills. If this is a big increase it could mean that your system is not working efficiently enough which could lead to more costly repairs if not repaired soon!
  • System is noisy when it runs
    • AC systems are meant to make our lives more comfortable, therefore any AC unit that is overly noisy when running could mean that your system is working harder than it should, which could lead to having to replace it before that 10-12 year life span.

Most Common Causes Of Air Conditioning Problems

According to the Department of Energy, the following are the most common causes for AC problems:

  1. Refrigerant Leaks
    1. If your AC system is low on refrigerant it could be that either your system was not properly charged, or that you have a leak. If you have a leak, simply adding refrigerant is not the solution, you need a John Moore technician to diagnose, find and fix the repair.
  2. Inadequate Maintenance
    1. Your system loses 3% of efficiency each year that it goes without proper maintenance and could lead to premature failure of costly parts
  3. Electric Control Failure
    1. This can happen in a system that very frequently turns on and off due to having a larger system than what you need. Electric control failure could also be caused due to corrosion of wire terminals and should be checked during any service call.

Air Conditioning

John Moore Lifetime Air Conditioners

John Moore knows that Houston is not an “average” city especially when it comes to AC. Here in Houston we have high summer temperatures, very high humidity. All of these affect the performance and life-time of your AC system, so we have re-engineered the topline AC systems to deal with the Houston conditions.

  • Re-engineered to be as tough as Houston
    • Re-engineered the way a compressor behaves at start up so that it uses less energy and so that the compressor lasts longer.
    • Re-engineered how fast the system cools and how much energy it uses, which prevents buildup of deposits on the heat exchangers, as well as improve outside to inside refrigerant flow.
    • Re-engineered how electric power flows and behave in the system for longer lasting capacitor performance and to help protect your AC system against Power Surges

We’re so sure of the quality and durability of our re-engineered systems that once they’re professionally installed, if your John Moore Lifetime System ever needs repair WE’LL REPAIR IT FOR FREE.

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